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What are Healthies ?

Healthies are points that you get for using different services on the HelloDoc app. The more features you use, the more healthies you get.

1 Healthie is equivalent to 1 Naira when it comes to redemption, there is no limit to Healthies redemption.

How do I earn more Healthies?

You earn Healthies for a variety of reasons. Generally the more interactions you make on the HelloDoc app, the more Healthies you will receive. Healthies are won when you win the Quiz conducted on every Saturday at 9:00 PM. Prizes are 25,000, 15,000 and 10,000 Healthies for top 3 winners and 100 Healthies to all the participants.

When you submit a case in case of the day section, you will earn 50 Healthies and if the case is selected and published you will get 1000 Healthies. Also when you read case of the day you receive 50 Healthies.

Healthies are also earned when you refer patients.

Please ensure your HelloDoc account is MDCN verified to be able to redeem your Healthies.

How do I redeem my Healthies?

You can redeem Healthies for a bunch of rewards such as mobile recharges, utility bill payments, Uber rides and a lot more.

How to participate in Quiz?

You can play Quiz by tapping "Win Quiz" feature under Services & Rewards.

Quiz is scheduled on every Saturday at 9:00 PM as it is a time sensitive quiz, the registered doctors are expected to participate in the Quiz at 09:00:00 PM sharp.

You can view the answers to quiz question declared at 9.15 PM

  1. Tap on "Results Declared" once the results are declared.
  2. Tap the option "View Answer" to review the quiz answers.
What are Quiz rewards?

Rewards for first three winners:

First Prize: 25,000 Healthies and Complimentary Aromatheraphy Massage.

Second Prize: 15,000 Healthies and Complimentary Facial Treatment.

Third Prize: 10,00 Healthies and Complimentary Pedicure.

All the quiz participants are rewarded with 100 Healthies.

General Enquiries
Registration and Verification rewards?

You receive 500 Healthies as a registration bonus after your successful HelloDoc registration.

You receive 500 Healthies as your verification bonus once your account is MDCN certificate verified along with 1000 Healthies as your blue club status bonus.

Patient Report Enquiries
How do I check my patient reports?

You can check your patient's report through "Patient Reports" section of the HelloDoc app.

Please know that the reports shall be available here only when the patient is registered under your reference with complete payment done and when the reports are authenticated by our team.

Patient report not ready?

We regret the inconvenience, please share the patient details with our chat support agent to resolve your concern.

  1. Patient Details

  2. Patiient Name

  3. Patient contact number/visit code

  4. We shall try our best to make the report available to your app as soon as possible.

Any Parameter missed in patient report.

You can request for review of your report to our chat support agent mentioning your patient details such as patient's name, contact number and visit code.

Our team of expert doctors shall review the patient's report and do the needful for you.

Refer and Earn
How to refer the HelloDoc app?

Procedure to refer HelloDoc app:

  1. Tap on your left side panel and choose the option "Share"

  2. Share the HelloDoc referral link via different mediums.

Please ensure that the respective doctor enters your contact number in the "Reference" field at the time of registration to get 500 Healthies on their apprroved registration and 500 Healthies on their HelloDoc account verification.

Rewards earned on referring the app?

Refer HelloDoc app to your fellow doctors and win 500 Healthies on their approved registration and 500 Healthies once their account is MDCN verified.

Did not get Referral Healthies for referring HelloDoc app?

Please make sure your peer or colleague enters your contact number at the time of registration.

Earn 500 Healthies on their registration approval and 500 Healthies on their MDCN verification.

No Healthies would be credited if your colleague does not enter your contact number in the reference field at the time of registration.

Case of the Day
How do you submit a case?

You can submit a case by tapping 'Case of the Day' feature under Services & Rewards.

  1. Enter the appropriate title and content to your case.

  2. Submit the required patient details.

  3. Attach an image for your case and tap on submit.

You can submit only one case in a week.

How do you respond to a case?

You will find a "View Conversation" button at the bottom of the case published from where you can respond to cases.

You can like and reply to comments and tap on the bell icon to receive notification.

Why is my case not published yet?

There is a team of expert Doctors who review the cases submitted and since only one case is published per day and we get a lot more entries some cases might not be published sometimes.

We encourage you to submit unique cases which imparts awareness and knowledge to other doctors on this platform.

Please note: You can submit only 1 case in a week.

Can I edit/modify my case submitted?

We are really sorry but you cannot edit or modify your case once it has been submitted.

You will be able to submit the next case after completion of 7 days time period since only one case can be submitted in a week.

What are Case of the day rewards?

Case of the Day rewards:

  1. Submit a case and win 50 Healthies for your case submission.

  2. If your case is selected and published you get 1000 Healthies for your published case.

  3. Read the case published and earn 50 Healthies.

I read the case of the day but was not credited with Healthies

Please be informed that you are credited with Healthies automatically once you read the case posted on that day.

We do not credit Healthies for reading the previously posted case.

Please ensure your HelloDoc account is verified to get the Healthies rewards.

HelloDoc Verification
How to upload MDCN certificate?

You can upload your MDCN certificate through the left side panel under "My Profile" which gives an option "View/Update MDCN Certificate" where you can upload your MDCN certificate.

How to get my account MDCN verified?

We are delighted to inform you that your membership to the HelloDoc platform is approved However you will be able to redeem Healthies once your account is MDCN verified.

We have tried to make the verification procedure hassle free for you where in you can opt for either one from the two options

  1. You can refer a patient to us which would serve as a medium for authentication of your account.

  2. 2. You can go for Remita procedure as given below:

On doing so, we shall receive an email response directly from the remita authority and our operational team shall verify your account and deliver your verification bonus.